on 25 February 2017

May 23-25 | Boston
The 2017 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo continues to be a vibrant event that unites 3,000+ life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professionals from more than 30 countries. The Expo provides the perfect venue to share information and discuss enabling technologies that are driving biomedical research and the drug development process.

We are looking forward to connect with you at the conference and at booth 342.

Check out our Luncheon Presentation on Wednesday May24th 12:40PM - TRACK Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics

The Five Key Technologies Required to Deliver Global Mega-Scale Biomedical Data Analysis
Dealing with the variety of biomedical data and real-world evidence by managing scale and complexity.
Ensuring agility and simplicity to conduct any analysis on any data at any time.
Delivering end-to-end provenance and reproducibility.
Managing integrity & security of data and access.
Enabling the flexibility to collaborate at any level and at any location.


on 22 February 2017

March 19-23 | Las Vegas
Connect with the foremost technical experts and innovators, network with the best minds in your industry, learn and discover a new cloud where your data works for you and cognitive is your future.

We are looking forward to connect with you at our talk on March 23 - Hybrid HPC: Don’t Cluster your Containers, Containerize your Clusters.

on 31 January 2017

January 31-February 1 | London
The Festival is a 2 day celebration of genomics across the spectrum from the lab to the clinic, taking in new research, technology and advances in medicine. The aim is to unite the different stakeholders of the community around a series of progress-critical topics.

We are looking forward to connect with you at the conference and at booth 72.