Databiology is a privately held global life sciences software and services company based in Oxford, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the enterprise platform for globally distributed biomedical data, applications and infrastructure.

Our Value Proposition
Databiology for Enterprise is a biomedical-specific platform that enables interoperability and facilitates the sustainable use of best-in-class scientific, commercial, and clinical applications and services across the entire research life cycle. We focus on the provision of technology to manage the increasingly large and complex R&D data assets so that our clients can focus on making faster and more economically effective scientific breakthroughs.



Databiology's SaaS Information Management and Orchestration Solution offers Aspera's High-Speed FASP to Transport Client Data

Databiology, an Information Management and Orchestration solution for omics applications, uses Aspera Platform on Demand to ingest data sets for distributed workflows in scientific research.

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Databiology and IBM Platform Computing power life sciences discovery

Scalable omics informatics and information management on IBM software defined infrastructure

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Adding a new global dimension to life sciences research with Databiology and Softlayer

Overcome geographical barriers and accelerate time to results for globally distributed research with Databiology and SoftLayer

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