Continuous Integration Application Onboarding

Databiology CIAO provides a full application onboarding environment for developers offering both simplicity and flexibility. Databiology support the full life cycle for building portable reusable FAIR principle compliant Apps with CIAO, which can be tested and run on Databiology Lab and permanently published on Databiology Hub.

CIAO is an easy-to-use
app builder
  • Integrates with your own source code repositories (Git, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Small footprint tooling that integrates with your CI/CD pipeline
  • Stack independence –- middleware are packaged with the application
  • Quick and easy to adapt existing applications with minimal to no refactoring required

Lab is a comprehensive application orchestration environment
  • Storage and compute capacity to test and optimize applications for all platform configurations
  • Common biomedical datasets readily available
  • Real-time inspection capabilities for each container
    • Monitor – track IO, CPU and memory
    • Logs – real-time logs from all your containers
    • Shell – access to your containers while they run

Hub is a permanent registry to publish and distribute your apps
  • Graduate applications from Databiology Lab to Databiology Hub
  • Reach users of dozens of organizations all over the world
  • Publish directly to specific Databiology instance for access by your organization
  • Deployment of tested applications allows users to be productive immediately


Get started today by signing up for Databiology ID and getting access to the full suite of CIAO tools and documentation as well as Databiology Lab.

Then learn how to build a CIAO App and run it on Databiology Lab in under 10 minutes.